Star Kids is a six-level course at Primary level. It offers a friendly introduction to the English language for young learners. The series follow a clear, well-organised syllabus with extensive recycling ensuring that pupils quickly acquire the new language.

Key Features
  • Modular approach that sets the language targets
  • Brief and clear grammar presentation as well as graded practice
  • Development of communicative skills through situational dialogues and role play activities
  • Guided writing & project work that help learners develop their writing skills
  • Study skills to develop pupils´ autonomy and give them extra help and support
  • Cross-Cultural material to familiarise learners with the way of life of English and non-English speaking countries
  • Cross-Curricular sections that use English as a means to explore other subject areas
  • Go Green elements to raise pupils environmental awareness
  • ICT: self access tasks to develop learner independence
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  • Star Kids 2 Pupil`s Book
  • Product Code : 1-84974-915-2
  • Star Kids 2 Activity Book
  • Product Code : 1-84974-925-1
  • Star Kids 2 Teacher`s Book
  • Product Code : 0-85777-135-3