From Tradition to The Future

İnkaş is a proud affiliate of İnkılap Kitabevi (est.1927). Founded in 1986, İnkaş has become one of the leading distributors of foreign language teaching materials in Turkey. Our services are catered towards prestigious institutions in K-12 and University segments. We exclusively distribute main course and supplementary educational resources on behalf of some of the leading educational publishers in the world.

From Tradition to The Future

Guaranteed Assurance

At İnkaş, we deliver high-quality educational resources to teachers and learners across Turkey.
Sales Network

Sales Network

We are privileged to have a sales force extending across Turkey, building a strong network of product and aftersale support for our clients.

Academic Consulting

Academic Consulting

We provide academic consultation, including pedagogical support, curriculum design, and product integration for our clients.

Internationally Recognized Partners

Internationally Recognized Partners

We are proud to represent some of the leading educational providers in language learning.

We Are Available Across Turkey

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