Empowering kids to code robots

Control fully virtual robots in fully virtual worlds. No download required.
Gamified Coding Courses

10 Courses 300 Challenges with new courses added frequently.

Control Awesome Robots in Distant Worlds

Explore Martian caves,pilot vehicles, dive deep underwater,race drones!

Self-paced Coding Platform

Learn how to code at your own pace with step-by-step programming tutorials.

A Comprehensive Programming Curriculum

Connect with other educators on the community forums, get exclusive access to professional development, lesson plans and more!

Our interactive curriculum is designed to complement CSTA standards level 1&2. It features over 60 hours of robotics,STEM and programming courses at present. Robotify lets students learn at their own pace ehile also enjoying the gamified experience.

Built by Educators for Educators
Robotify is accessible to all-no experience required! We'll give you the help you need to get started.

Educator Resources

Our automated system will save you time and effort in assessing students and monitoring the progress of your virtual classroom.

STEM Courses

Learn to code using virtual robots in a gamified,project based learning environment.

Coding Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to complement your existing CSTA curriculum.

Control Structures
Space Robotics
Underwater Robotics
Data Processing
Flying Robotics
Mobile Robotics
Marine Biology
Physics & Math
Robotify User Guide

Robotify User Guide

Robotify User Guide

Robotify Brochure

Robotify Brochure

Robotify Brochure 2022


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Can't find what your looking for?

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